Bardolino DOC Classic

Bardolino DOC Classic

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The light and elegant red wine, classic Bardolino wine.

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Bardolino Doc Classico
Grapes – 30% Corvina, 30% Corvinone, 20% Molinara, 20% Rondinella
Alcohol: Vol. 12.5%
Bardolino Classico is a simple, light yet elegant wine. It has a light ruby red color, blurred with red-purple. This traditional Bardolino wine has several different aromas, of black pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon, all typical of the Corvinone grape and the aroma of marasca as well as cherries. The wine has an elegant tannin, sweet, well balanced in both its acidity and taste, a typical note of the grape Molinara.
Should be served cool (10-12 ° C). for aperitifs and appetizers like, fish, pizza and pasta,
while it should be served at room temperature (16-18 ° C) when accompanied by more
extravagant dishes such as risotto, white meat and roast.
You can find more info and data sheet about the wine here.

1 review for Bardolino DOC Classic

  1. Christian_Kirkegaard

    Great wine

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