- authentic wine experiences for you

Watch the video and get a little taste of the experiences that await you.

We help you find authentic wine experiences to bring you the best memories of your vacation home.

At many wineries you can take a quick look around and get a free taste before buying a few bottles. But you should hardly cheat yourself for the extra experience you can bring home from the holidays when you book a time in advance. Then we have made sure that there is also the opportunity for a tour of the fields, a talk about the production and an extended tasting.

At BookVino.com you will only find less family owned and authentic wineries, where we are sure you will have a really good holiday experience.

An added benefit

When you are in the farm anyway, it is obvious to buy wine home, as you can get them at a really good price, not least because you avoid tax (up to 120 bottles).

New: Online wine tastings and webshop with wine

Because of th Corona pandemic, we have expanded BookVino.com to include a webshop to help Italian wine farmers in a difficult time. Here you also have the opportunity to participate in a Live Online wine tasting, directly from the Marchesini Marcello winery in Italy.
The wine from the webshop is sent directly to you from the winery.