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Throughout more than 10 years, we’ve travelled to Lake Garda, and visited more than 50 wineries, in both Bardolino and Valpolicella. East of Lake Garda you’ll find these two fantastic, authentic wineries where you’ll get the most out of your money.

Get an extraordinary and authentic wine experience

There are many wineries in the areas and several places you can get a free taste before buying wine. At the two wineries, Marchesini Marcello and Le Marognole, you can get an extra experience if you book ahead. In addition to wine tastings, there will also be time for a tour of the farm and fields, etc. You can read more about what the wineries offer when you click on them here. This is also where you book online, directly with them.

Suggesting a combined trip

The best of two wine districts in one day

The Marchesini Marcello winery produces excellent rosé wines for which the Bardolino area of Lake Garda is famous. In addition, they also have some absolutely fantastic white and red wines.

Le Marognole is located approx. 25 km from Bardolino in the Valpolicella Classico area, which is recognized worldwide for its red Ripasso and Amarone wines.

So if you’d like an all day authentic wine tasting experience, I’d suggest you combine a visit to Marchesini Marcello with a 25 km trip throughout the beautiful landscape of Valpolicella to Le Marognole (only available Monday and Tuesday).

Available reservations can be seen in the booking module.

Marchesini Marcello:
Man – sat. at 11AM og 4PM during high season, else at 12.PM

Le Marognole:
Man – fri. at 10AM , 2PM and 4PM. Thurs – 2PM and 4PM